Davidson Day School and American Foreign Academic Research would like to announce the eighth annual Maya at the Lago Conference. The Maya at the Lago Conference (M@L) is a four-day "Everything Maya" event that's comprised of lectures, workshops, and exciting social events. M@L brings some of the worldís top Mesoamerican archaeologists together to share their experiences and current research with colleagues, students, and the general public. The research is fresh and the delivery is easy to digest. Regardless of your experience, Maya at the Lago has an offering that will pique your interest.

Davidson and Lake Norman provide a peaceful serene backdrop for what promises to be the learning opportunity of a lifetime. Like its sister conference, Maya at the Playa, M@L not only gives participants the chance to learn from the best in the field of archaeology, but also provides an opportunity for scholars and non-professionals to socialize outside the traditional confines of the classroom. In addition to great academic content, participants can share experiences like the Lifetime Achievement Dinner or one-on-one glyph instruction with the experts. These are mutually rewarding experiences for both presenters and attendees.

The conference will be held at Davidson Day School, a progressive college preparatory school with a profound interest in archaeology and global studies. Davidson Day School is the home of American Foreign Academic Research, which is a 501c3 non-profit that provides education and outreach programs for pre-collegiate students and the public for over eleven years.

Registration is open

Go ahead and treat yourself to a long weekend of learning and fun with others who share a passion for the Maya culture and discovery. Seating is limited so register online or call today to secure your spot. Please visit the CONTACT page if you need to contact us with any questions about the conference or need assistance in making travel or hotel arrangements.








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